7 th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Oh Anointed One, during this Black History Month we honor Sister Thea
Bowman on her road to sainthood. Help us fight for the rights of all people,
especially the poor and disenfranchised communities of color.

Everlasting God, the primaries are rapidly approaching, we pray that our black
and brown brothers and sisters have better access so they can get out and vote.
Ensure that our elected officials vote for just laws for all.

Merciful Lord, bring serenity to those who endure mental and physical illnesses,
especially our trans community who have greatly suffered during COVID.

Great Redeemer, during COVID the living conditions in prisons across the
country have become even more bleak. Protect all your precious children,
especially those trapped in the school to prison pipeline.

Bringer of Peace, give true rest and peace to those who have died, as they
journey to your Kingdom and give comfort to those who mourn them.

Dorina Opferman