General Intercessions ~ Second Sunday of Lent

March 12-13, 2022

Adonai, You established an eternal covenant with Abraham.
Help all Christian churches to recognize the sin of anti-Semitism,
and to repent of the violence done in Your name to Your chosen people.

Abba, Father: You implore us to listen to your beloved Son.
Help us hear the voice of Jesus in the cries of all who struggle for justice,
that we may see our individual bondage and break our collective chains.

Ruler of All, you taught us that that our true citizenship is in heaven.
Turn the hearts of those who would wage war—in Ukraine, and around the world—
that they may remember their heavenly citizenship
before all other allegiances.

Light of the World, bring hope to those who struggle with depression,
especially people brought low by the dark winter months.
May the longer days ahead remind us of your promise of new life.

Comfort of the Afflicted, draw close to our elders—especially those who suffer with dementia-and be a strong shoulder for their caregivers.
May those who bear heavy crosses in this life rest in Your goodness forever.

Christine Eberle