General Intercessions
First Sunday of Lent ~ March 5-6, 2022

Lord Jesus, as Lent begins,
help us to recognize the temptations of our own desert,
that we may see our individual bondage and break our collective chains.

Deliver the Catholic Church from the temptation of CLERICALISM,
that we may fully welcome the gifts of women
in the service of Your people.

Deliver the members of this House of Vincent
from the temptation of INDIFFERENCE,
that our abundant parish ministries may grow and thrive.

Deliver President Putin from the many temptations of POWER,
that the people of both Ukraine and Russia may live in peace and tranquility.

Deliver all who suffer and mourn from the temptation of DESPAIR,
that we may trust in Your everlasting mercy
to all who call upon Your name.

Christine M. Eberle