Petitions for Easter Vigil
April 16, 2022
to be said after Baptismal vows

 For the Church, that the cleansing water symbolizing new life
in Christ bring about transforming renewal in the Church and
in the lives of Her members. We pray especially for newly
baptized Otema (pronunciation ?) and those just confirmed:
Valerie, Whitney and Antonia.
 For the world, that our triumphant Lord vanquish the
inhumane results of sin and bring us to an enduring and
profound respect for one another.
 For an end to war and all manner of violence, that people of
faith achieve a caring solidarity that ushers in an era of true
and lasting peace.
 For all who suffer because of the death of a loved one, the
loss of home or country, the insecurity brought on by
violence and discrimination, may they—may we
all—experience the loving, healing embrace of the Risen
 For all the Americas, that the Resurrected Christ be glorified
in each one of the 35 countries in The Americas, North,
Central, South and Caribbean. May there be peace and
justice in all nations. May all of them–rich or poor, large or
small, powerful or weak–discover their mutual belonging and
their interdependence of their common future.

Submitted by Paul Witte