Petitions for Easter Sunday

April 17, 2022

 The risen Lord has freed us from the power of sin. In the
renewing of our baptismal vows may we know that the
Spirit of Christ will sustain us in trial and temptation.
 The Lord Jesus has triumphed over sin and death for our
sake. May we not fail to act justly without prejudice
especially in service to marginalized communities.

 Mary Magdalene bravely showed her love for Jesus by
visiting the tomb. May the service women render in
today’s world elicit the respect they deserve and elevate
the position of women in today’s society.

 May all who suffer because of the death of a loved one,
the loss of home or country, the insecurity brought on by
violence and discrimination, experience the loving, healing
embrace of the Risen Lord.

For all the Americas, that the Resurrected Christ be glorified
in each one of the 35 countries in The Americas, North,
Central, South and Caribbean. May there be peace and
justice in all nations. May all of them–rich or poor, large or
small, powerful or weak–discover their mutual belonging and
their interdependence of their common future.