Petitions for the Second Sunday of Easter

April 23-24, 2022

 The Apostles healed believers in the power of the Blood of
Christ. May we modern apostles be instruments of peace and
love bringing healing to a sick world torn by strife.
 Jesus, the First and the Last, is Creator and Lord of all that is.
May we worship and imitate Him by the way we care for our
world and one another.

 Healing comes through medical professionals, caregivers and
emergency workers. May God be glorified in their service to

 God’s mercy and forgiveness touches those who seek
reconciliation through the sacraments. May we be filled with
faith in knowing that Jesus has won victory for us over sin and

 If we trust in Jesus, death is conquered and we will experience
the resurrection of the body. May all who are nearing death
be courageous and confident of God’s love and mercy.

Submitted by Paul Witte