19th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME   –  August 6-7, 2022  

Oh Loving God, help us to find our treasure, not in possessions and recognition of self, but in service to You.

Oh Loving God, our faith is tested daily in the pain and suffering we see in our community, our country, and in the world.  Infuse us with the will to put our faith into actions that will make positive change.

Oh Merciful God, as we celebrate World Indigenous Peoples’ Day on August 9, we pray that the Church will admit to and atone for the sins of cultural erasing and abuse perpetrated against indigenous children at Catholic institutions.

Oh Comforting God, we pray for those suffering great loss, devastation, and death due to wildfires & drought in the west and the extreme flooding in Kentucky. 

Oh Comforting God, we pray for those afflicted with physical, emotional, and mental pain, that they find relief.  We pray for those who have left this earthly life to join You, in eternal life.     

                                                           Submitted by:  Joan McGowan