• Jesus beckons us to strive to enter through the narrow gate of salvation. We pray for a forgiving and compassionate heart, for self-control and for the desire to serve others.

  • We may be afflicted with feelings of hopelessness as we experience the turmoil in the world. We pray for a closer relationship with God, one that strengthens us to persevere in doing good.


  • God sustains all of creation to the benefit of all people. May we partner with God in sustaining the earth. We pray for the protection of all that is good and beautiful and for wisdom to conserve resources.

  • As school begins, we pray for students to excel in learning skills and in developing their intellect. We also pray that parents and concerned people of faith prepare future generations by fostering in them a vital faith-filled spirituality. 

  • Our destiny is eternal life if we trust God and follow Jesus.  May those who have died recently gain eternal life; may we who continue to walk with our Lord continue to trust in a loving, providential God.

                                                      Paul Witte