• Teach us humility, Lord. May we strive to be concerned less for ourselves and more for each other’s physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as to respect each person’s unique character.
  • We pray for all who have been humiliated in life—the poor, minorities, refugees and those discriminated against because of existing injustices. May we work vigorously for justice.
  • We are blessed with and thankful for the spiritual riches of other cultures. We pray especially for Latin America and for the many immigrants who join us in faith at the table of the Lord.
  • Free us, Lord, from wastefulness, from the throw-away culture, from abuse of the earth’s resources. May we humbly repent and change our ways so that the earth might be renewed.
  • We recognize the inevitability of death; with eyes fixed on Jesus we accept it without fear. May we prepare for death with the assurance of resurrection and eternal life

   Paul Witte