Petitions: 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time  9-11-22

  • We are like the Israelites—unwilling to wait for the true God, opting instead to create our own gods. Help us, merciful Lord, to take to heart and carry out your loving commandments.  


  • We complain like the Pharisees that Christ’s ways are unthinkable. We tend to exclude others who do not conform to our preconceived notions. Lord, open our hearts to your truth and fill us with compassion.  


  • We are like the spend-thrift son of the rich man, misusing what God has designed for the good of all creation. May we respect God’s order, repent of wasteful ways, and willingly share our riches to benefit others.

  • God restores those whose lives are shattered by war and terrorism, and by climate-change disasters. May they know that God protects and provides for them through the actions of people who care.

  • God’s merciful goodness sustains us throughout life. May we be aware that God waits for us with loving arms when we have lived our lives and we are called into the Lord’s presence.