General Intercessions

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time–Sept. 17–18, 2022

O Teacher,  this Hispanic Heritage Month, bless the latinx people who are an integral part of this nation. Teach us, to be more tolerant and inclusive, as we celebrate this rich cultural heritage.

O Prophet of the World, protect the voting and civil rights of all peoples, but especially the disenfranchised, during this important election year.

O Mediator, we plead that you intercede in war and suffering the whole world over, but especially now in Ukraine.

O Great Healer, we ask you grant healing unto all those who suffer from illness, albeit mental or physical. Especially those in the lgbt+ community who face great adversities.

O Merciful Lord, comfort those who have died and those who mourn their loss. As death rates climb due to gun violence across the nation, we pray for your swift justice.

                                                                        Dorina Opferman