October 29 and 30, 2022

Omnipotent One, you cherish the least of your creation. Open the eyes of our church leaders to cherish the contributions of the church’s member body, especially the Black and LGBT+ communities.

Merciful One, bestow your compassion upon the lowly among us – those who have little resources and who struggle to provide for themselves and their families. Inspire our Leaders in government to pass laws to lessen their burden.

Lover of Souls, help us to realize that we are truly held in your embrace.  Turn our bodies from the many temptations moving us away from your holy path. Grant to us, your people, the courage to live our lives in the image of Your Son.

On this eve of Halloween, protect our children as they go door to door trusting the stranger to open the door and provide treats. Let us be as the children opening our hearts to You.

Let us pray for our relatives and friends who have died and are no longer with us.

Lord, provide relief for the grief we feel as we mourn their passing into your Heavenly Kingdom.

                                                                     Submitted by Terry Trudeau