Loving God, we pray for your Church throughout the world and especially for our St. Vincent family.  Guide and direct us as we address the issues of climate change, racism, and gun control. 

We pray for our newly elected political leaders. May they work for justice, show compassion, and lift up the poor and marginalized in our society.

We pray for all those that are displaced due to war and natural disasters. May they find welcome and support as they try to rebuild their lives.

During Black Catholic History Month we pray for all those that bring their gift of blackness to the church through the gifts of song, prayer, and forgiveness.  May they be a source of hope and love, and inspire our work for justice.

Loving God, we pray for all our sick and dying that they may know your healing and peace. May our deceased loved ones  know your embrace as they come home to you.

Sheila Sharpe