November 19-20, 2022

Christ our King, you showed us how valuable each human life is.  Help us embrace all, despite our differences in faith, race, nationality, and beliefs.

Pope Francis calls us to live lives of gratitude and to respect the gifts of creation.  May we individually and collectively become aware of what we use and how it affects our environment. 

God of justice, we pray for wisdom as we address the issues facing law enforcement and our criminal justice system.  Guide all involved to make decisions that will bring true justice.

God of welcome, we pray for all immigrants, especially those arriving in our city. May they find kindness, support, and safety in their new environments.

Christ our King, we pray for all who are suffering from physical and mental illness.  May they be blessed with healing and peace.   Comfort all who are mourning and bring all who have died into your kingdom.

Sheila Sharpe