November 26-27, 2022

As we begin the Season of Advent

and conclude Black Catholic History month,

let us go rejoicing, bringing God’s hope of a world 

in which the gifts of Blackness are cherished everywhere

Let us pray for our elected officials,

and for leaders throughout the world.

May they bring hope for an end to conflict,

turning swords into plowshares

and spears into pruning hooks.

During this Thanksgiving weekend,

let us remember God’s wondrous goodness to us

in the many blessings of our lives.

May our hearts be steeped in gratitude 

and overflow with generosity.

Let us pray for the safety of those who are traveling this weekend,

and for the consolation of those who must spend the holidays apart.

May the love of God protect and enfold us all.

As the Month of Remembrance draws to a close, 

let us lift up the dear ones now gone from our sight,

and all those taken by hatred and violence.  

May their every hope be fulfilled 

in God’s eternal presence.

Christine Eberle