O Wisdom of our God Most High, 

Let your Spirit rest upon Pope Francis.

Grant him every grace he needs to heal the Church in our time.

O King of All Nations, 

Soften the divisions of country, ethnicity, class, and political party.

Help us to know that we are one human family, beloved of God.

O Radiant Dawn, 

protect all expectant mothers.

Bless families who anticipate the birth or adoption of a child, 

and keep watch with those whose children are in danger.

O Emmanuel, God with us, 

Stay close to those separated from loved ones 

by distance or death during the holidays, 

and console all who struggle to rejoice at Christmas.

O Key of David, 

open the gates of paradise to all who have died, 

and those served by the outreach ministries of St. Vincent DePaul.

Sung response . . .

Christine Eberle