Tender God, you willed that your Mother be revealed to Saint Juan Diego

as Our Lady of Guadalupe.

In her, the dark-skinned Madonna, may the world recognize your special care

for all who are poor and marginalized.

Through the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe, 

may the people of Mexico and the nations of Central and South America

be blessed with peace, prosperity, and fullness of life.

God of all peoples, bless our beautifully diverse parish family.

As we share faith and fellowship with one another,

may we go forth rejoicing, bringing your joy.

Endow with patience all who spend their lives in the holy pursuit of justice—especially those working to bring an end to racism in our country.

May they taste the fruit of their labor.

God of everlasting joy, welcome home all who have gone from our sight,

and console those who miss them dearly with the promise of eternal life.