To my dear fellow St. Vincent’s parishioners,

On behalf of the Directors of the Szucs Foundation I want to thank you and Father Sy for your extraordinary generosity in donating the proceeds from the second collection on Christmas to the needy orphans and disabled adults living in the three orphanages not far distant from Kyiv, the Capitol of Ukraine.

The orphanages, which the Ukrainians call shelters, experienced heavy damage from the constant bombing over the past several months and now a bitter winter cold has set in and heating fuel is in short supply.  Even though they remain dangerous places, the disabled adults, infants, small girls and boys are still struggling there.  They have no way out.

Your donations will provide blankets, coats, scarfs, hats and other winter clothing for these desperate children.  It will also supply some daily necessities such as diapers, underwear, toothbrushes and soap.  We will also include toys that  will help lighten an otherwise scary day for the younger kids.

May God bless you and during this sacred season when we blissfully enjoy peace and take for granted our many blessings, may the beaming light from the stary sky above Jesus’s manger shine upon you.

When you gave to the poor, you gave to Him.

Jerry Szucs