God, ever present, bless the Church with enduring faith like Mary’s.  May it be a guiding light in these times of turbulence and challenge.

God, ever present, Prince of Peace, may your light shine on all places darkened by war, violence, and oppression. May your Spirit guide and inspire world leaders to work together for the good of all. 

God, ever present, be with all the immigrants seeking refuge in our country.  May we be a blessing to them by offering them shelter, hospitality, and the help they most need.

God, ever present, bless all children, especially those who suffer from neglect, abandonment, abuse, and war.  May they be protected and healed.

God, ever present, let your face shine on all who are suffering.  Give strength to the sick and consolation to the grieving.  Welcome into your loving presence our departed loved ones, especially Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, that they may know the fullness of peace.

Mary Ellen Graham

Peg McFadden