We pray for the Church, that through faithfulness to Christ, we may be open to his call to discipleship:  whether in our youth, middle, or elder years, realizing the call to discipleship comes in countless ways throughout a lifetime.

You called Martin Luther King, Jr. to a life of service and the ultimate sacrifice.  As we commemorate his life and death, may we join our neighbors in meaningful service and in community building.

In the presence of renewed anti-antisemitism in our country, let us stand in solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters, asking God to bless and protect from discrimination.

We pray for all whose lives are shattered by natural disasters, political oppression, disease, and famine.  May their suffering be eased by a compassionate, global response.

Compassionate God, you know the prayers of our hearts.  Hear each one in need.  Hold in your love those who are sick or grieving, and all our loved one who now rest in you.

Mary Ellen Graham

Peg McFadden