Human frailty can’t defeat us when we accept God’s grace.

May Lent lead to experiences of: repentance / enlightenment / conversion / and new life — in, with, and through Jesus.

Satan tempted Jesus to deny his humanity.

May government agents acknowledge their limitations and serve humanity with humility, doing no harm to those they serve.                                                                                              

Jesus rejected power as the answer to the world’s ills.

May the Spirit of Jesus bring peace to war-weary people, and healing where tragic catastrophes cause deep hurt.            

Jesus came and changed the course of human history.

May all human beings unite in love to write a new chapter of history in which Black people and all people of color rise to glorious heights.                                                                          

Jesus transforms death to life.

May God comfort and heal those who mourn loved ones who have passed away; and may God heal and comfort our neighbors who mourn loved ones lost to violence.