O, Chosen One, shed wisdom and strength on our Church

leaders. Strengthen Pope Francis to persist in his message of

caring for our earth. Provide our parishioners with the knowledge

to use sustainable options.

Breath of God, breathe on our government leaders as they make

decisions that affect all of us. Inspire our elected representatives

to pass more stringent gun laws and create mental health

programs to prevent mass shootings.

Dear Lord, create in our hearts the compassion for those less

fortunate than us. Help those in need of housing to find homes to

shelter them, especially the immigrants being helped by our fellow


Loving God, open our eyes to those suffering in our world due to

disabilities and illness. Help us to reach out to our neighbors in

need and offer support.

Merciful Lord, bring solace upon those who have lost loved ones.

Grant final rest to those who have left us and welcome them into

your Heavenly Kingdom.

Submitted by Terry Trudeau