Sovereign God, you restored your people who were in exile to their rightful place in Israel. Restore those who have abandoned their faith with belief in you.

Breath of God, imbue in us the feeling that Christ lives within each of us. Guide us to treat all people with kindness and compassion, especially our immigrant sisters and brothers..

Spirit of the Living God, breathe hope into those who have lost their churches and schools to fire, especially our sister church, Our Mother of Consolation.. 

Blessed Lord, in these times when natural disasters ravage our precious Earth, blanket our land with a spirit of renewal. Help us find creative ways to heal our Mother Earth.

God, Giver of Life, open our eyes to the value of all life, from birth unto death. Strengthen our belief in life after death and provide solace to those who recently lost loved ones..

                                                                    Submitted by Terry Trudeau