Most Holy One, protect our dear Pope Francis as he faces daily challenges to spread your Word on Earth. Enlighten him as he makes decisions for the future of Your Holy Church.

Son of David, you emptied yourself so that others might see and believe that you are truly human. Help us humans to respect life so that there is an end to mass killings in our country.

Divine Guest, enter our hearts this Most Holy Season and open them to receive your special Grace. Help us recognize your presence in our fellow humans, especially those most in need of comfort.

Creator God, you provided our Earth with bountiful bodies of clean water. Awaken us to the danger of polluting our waterways as we realize how precious a commodity we have in water.

Jesus, you are Our Savior bringing hope to our world. Bring hope and comfort to those who have lost loved ones and welcome the departed into your Kingdom.

Submitted by Terry Trudeau