Risen Lord, we pray for the universal Church and for Pope Francis.  Bless him with renewed health as he guides the Church in proclaiming the Good News of salvation.

Risen Lord, bless our St. Vincent community, especially our new members: Gabriel, Christina, Eric, Diana, and Melissa.  May our lives witness your love and grace, and affirm their desire to grow in relationship with you.

Merciful Lord, we pray for our cities, under attack by gun violence and burdened by poverty.  May our leaders and all citizens commit themselves to finding solutions to our complex problems.

Merciful Lord, as we take delight in all the gifts of nature springing to new life, we pray for all who suffer from environmental racism.  Help us be a healing presence to our world and all its people.

Risen Lord, we lift up all who are suffering: physically, mentally, and spiritually.  In your love, may they find encouragement and relief, and may our departed loved ones know your joy and peace as they enter your kingdom.

Sheila Sharpe

Peg McFadden