Risen Lord, empower Church leaders with spiritual wisdom and insight.  Help all your followers to recognize your presence as you walk among us in the poor, the refugee, the stranger.  Help us to see you in all people. 

Risen Lord, we pray for all political leaders in our nation. Lead them to embrace the path of justice, mercy, and peace as they address the issues of racism and gun control.

Risen Lord, we pray for all who suffer from religious intolerance, especially those suffering from anti-Catholic prejudice in Uganda and Nigeria. We pray for their safety and well being as they seek religious freedom.

Risen Lord, as we celebrate Earth Day this weekend, we pray that all people will recognize the reality of climate change and cooperate with ways to save our planet from the needless destruction of our natural resources.

Risen Lord, we pray for healing and comfort for all who suffering from physical or mental illness.  May our loved ones who have died know the joy of your loving presence. 

Sheila Sharpe

Peg McFadden