Good Shepherd, we pray for the Church throughout the world and this community of St. Vincent’s.  Refresh and guide us as we strive to hear your voice and follow you faithfully.

Good Shepherd, we pray for Church vocations.  May young men and women be filled with the desire to serve you and answer the call of the Gospel.

Good Shepherd, give us wisdom as we engage in our city’s elections.  Help us choose men and women dedicated to justice and the well being of all our people, especially the impoverished.

Good Shepherd, we pray for the children growing up in war zones:  in Ukraine, Syria, Sudan, and the streets of Philadelphia.  May they find care, support, and protection.

Good Shepherd, strengthen all who are sick with your peace and healing.  Bring our departed loved ones to your dwelling place.

Sheila Sharpe

Peg McFadden