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Petitions for Thanksgiving November 25, 2021

by Terry Trudeau

God of all people, we pray that our church leaders will set the example to the faithful to be mindful of those who are the oppressed in society.  Inspire Pope Francis to denounce the Doctrine of Discovery which justifies the abuse of indigenous peoples. As we gather with our families and friends on this Thanksgiving, […]

Petitions for November 20 and 21, 2021

by Terry Trudeau

Feast of Christ the King Christ, our King and Savior, empower the leaders of our nation toserve with intelligence and compassion. Impart on them the wisdomto address issues that alleviate social discord. Shed your light upon our church hierarchy to discern the truemeaning of all life as precious. Let us pray that there be an […]

Petitions for November 6 and 7, 2021

by Terry Trudeau

Thirty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2021 Divine Teacher, you admonish those who profess false piety. Help us to emulate the lesson of the poor widow to give of our needs and not just our excess. Lord, we pray that we may ever be mindful of those who are living in hardship and poverty. Bless […]

Petitions for October 30 and 31, 2021

by Terry Trudeau

31 st Sunday of Ordinary Time Our global, national, and local news can be overwhelming. Lord, may our heartsbe grounded in our love for you and our neighbor. We pray for the people of Haiti who have been victims of natural catastrophe,corrupt leadership, and debilitating poverty. May they find relief through honestand skilled governance and […]